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Members of the Standardization Committee

Pierre Caillibot, former chairman of SC, ISO 9000 specialist, Accademia Qualitas, Canada.

Guillaume Chenevière, Director Media and Society Foundation, Switzerland

Guy Drouot, professor of media studies, University of Aix-en-Provence, France

Martin Faye, Journalist, Fondation Hirondelle, Senegal

Francisco Javier Gonzalez, Quality Deputy Principal, Canal Once, México

Jamal Eddine Naji, Director Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle, Morocco

Nida Moryadee, Research Officer, Thai PBS, Thailand

Javad Mottaghi, Secretary-General ABU, Malaysia

Robert G. Picard, Professor, Oxford Reuters Institute, USA

Catherine Puiseux-Kapko, CSR coordinator, TF1 television, France

Narayan Rao, Executive Vice-Chairperson, NDTV, India

Marcel Regnotto, OFCOM Media Division, Switzerland

Anothai Udomslip, Director Academic Institute of Public Media, Thai PBS, Thailand

Nedra Weerasinghe, Group Director Media Business, The Capital Maharaja Organization Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka

Xia Jixuan, Vice-President, China Radio International, China

Outside experts

Louis Balme, International Standardization and Accreditation Services, Switzerland

Cherilyn Ireton, World Association of Newspapers, United Kingdom

David Balme, Challenge Optimum, Switzerland

Associate members

Nawaz Dookhee, Manager Regulatory, Legal and IP services ABU, Malaysia

Natalia Ilieva, Executive Assistant to ABU Secretary-General, Malaysia

Special thanks to Dr. Javad Mottaghi, Secretary-General of ABU, for his generous hospitality in hosting the Kuala Lumpur meeting, and to Sharmila Devi, Administrative Assistant, for helping with the meeting, and to Premila Manvi, ABU legal officer 2012-15, for her major contribution to previous meetings.