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ISAS MEDIA 9001:2016 Guidelines

Guidelines to ISAS MEDIA 9001 media quality management standards…

These guidelines are aimed at facilitating the practical implementation of quality management system in media organizations.

Several requirements of the standard, such as those related to ethics, independence, transparency, relationships with public authorities or advertisers, touch on highly sensitive issues in the media industry. It is to avoid diverging interpretations of these requirements, depending on the political and media landscape of the country where a media organization operates, that the Media and Society Foundation established the following guidelines.

They summarize universally accepted principles, as well as good practices, of the quality management of a media organization. Professionals from all over the world, representing all sides of the industry –  media owners as well as  journalists and trade unionists, professors of communication and journalism, managers both of PSB and commercial TV – and the leading international professional associations, participated in the writing of these guidelines. Every word has been checked and approved by all of them. They reflect of world professional consensus.

In addition, they have been endorsed by the World Federation of Advertisers.